Our goal is to enhance, in full respect of tradition, a structure and a territory that we love, whose tourist potential are many, with a crystal clear sea within driving distance from the main cities of Northern Italy and with a history able to attract many foreign tourists.


Our history with Spotorno began in 1939, when the great-grandfather of Alessandro, cycling champion winner of three Giro d’Italia, decided to buy a house in Via Aurelia after many years spent previously on vacation in the Riviera in Varazze.
From that day children and grandchildren will spend very long periods in Spotorno learning to love the sea, the scents and the flavors but also to know Liguria, a land rich in history and Mediterranean villages.


The story continues with Alessandro who, since he was a child, spent the summers in Spotorno between football games at the Parco Monticello and fished at sea. Thus he began to frequent the bathing establishment of Premuda.


Shumin frequents the beach of Premuda for ten years, more precisely since she decided to "endure" even in private life Alessandro, falling in love with the crystal clear waters and walks in autumn in the Ligurian woods in search of porcini mushrooms.


Marco discovered Spotorno thanks to fishing. He is a friend of Alessandro for 30 years, who frequents the beach and the country for a long time. Marco is a chef and has been working for years in the catering world. And so, joining their forces, they decided to embark on this new adventure.

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